what are we like? glad you asked!

Is this church non-denominational?

No. We prefer multi-denominational. While many of us are Baptist, others are Catholic, Episcopalian, Methodist and some would rather stick with “nothing”. Whatever the case, our history is important so we keep it and work from there, together.  Because of that unity our differences are reborn as beautiful abundance to accomplish kingdom work.

What are Sunday gatherings like?

We focus on being participatory over being polished. There are leaders like the teaching pastor or musicians who will keep things moving but they mostly intend to facilitate participation of those gathered together in worship, not squelch participation. We sit in the round and allow congregants to do the scripture readings, offer prayers and serve one another communion. Some weeks are very traditional in their makeup while others we may slow down for contemplative prayer and even at times actually do something with our hands like draw or pack boxes of supplies for those in need.

And the music, what is it like?

The music. Everyone wants to know about the music. Well we may sing anything from the ancient “Doxology” to Hillsong to Cold Play to something written in-house. The bottom line is we all have preferences and that’s not why we are here. So whatever the chorus, we lift our voices in unity.

Where do you meet?

We meet at Corner Theatre Sunday mornings at 10:30. Throughout the year we meet in various locations for dinner, contemplative prayer, classes, studies, exercise, service projects, etc. We announce the location and times for everything in our weekly news email. You can sign up on the contact page.

Are children invited?

Yes! We believe that children should be full participants in our faith community. We are committed to passing on a faith to them that has been nurtured in an environment of all ages. We think it is very important for them to be with us and though they may not understand everything we do, they may actually teach us a thing or two about the way of Jesus (like he said). At our Sunday gatherings your children are welcome to stay with you for the entire gathering. They may sit with you and listen to the story, clap their hands in singing, and answer questions however they wish. Don't worry. They are not a nuisance. Their cries are amen and their laughter, hallelujah.

We do offer classes for preschool and elementary (ages 3-10) during The Gathering. Check them into the littles room in the hallway when you arrive. They come join us after opening prayers where we read the story together, sing and then they go have class during the sermon.  They rejoin us for prayers, thanksgiving and a benediction near the end.

What does this church believe?

Oh you know, what other Christians believe! ;)

We affirm the Nicene Creed and live by the Jesus Creed.

Note: All doctrinal beliefs are discussed in community around the Scriptures and in light of Jesus. Our beliefs are always discussed prayerfully and held loosely.

What we believe so far:

  • “If you want to know what a person really believes, watch what they do.” -Brennan Manning (we could stop here)
  • Jesus meant what he said
  • Jesus is the truest Word on God
  • the bible
  • the bible is, in many ways, hard to understand
  • our beliefs can be skewed
  • our beliefs change
  • we can believe different things and still love each other
  • church is messy because i am messy
  • God loves “us” and “them”
  • God is saving things, not destroying them